Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Devondia Roseborough: Trust


Trust is a word we use when we feel we can confide in the ones we think are our friends. You have to be very careful who you tell stuff to because everyone does not have your best interest at heart. You have the “I got your back friend”. You know the one that claims to have your back and on speed dial with another with the conversation you just gave them. You have your “sell out friend”. They will promise you all day long I will not say a thing but cashed in their promissory note as soon as the door closes. Then you have your “I love you girl we go way back friend” but standing with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Let’s not forget about your dreams. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF! Everyone is not for you and everyone is not against you but you cannot trust everyone. I have experienced and know people that have passionately spoken about something dear to their hearts to only find out the best was not yet to come. I am a firm believer that’s what’s for me is for me but when someone snatches because you gently handed it over to them you have no other choice but to own up to the outcome. Now Facebook and Twitter is an outlet to network, make a difference, and make some business deals, seal connections, make new friends, and support one another. ALL of the how ever many you have are not your FRIENDS.  Some maintain a stance just because you are a conversation piece, Some are inspired by you and others want to make the first post when you don’t live up to what they think you are supposed to be. Trust God and know that anything that is worth saying should be told to Him first. He can and will reveal who to consult in. Pray and ask Him to direct your path and divide the sea between the “oh no’s” and the “yes you cans”. Despite the many people that have proved time and time again they cannot be trusted. I am grateful that I able to still remain standing after a knock down. A good friend told me today, “Friends are not friends anymore. You cannot trust anybody too fast” Something to think about. Who are you trusting?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Diagnosis shared by Ashley

Please reach out to this young woman and let her know she is a powerful inspiration to others. Leave your comments on her youtube page.  This one is worth sharing.  Tweet it, post it to Facebook and send it via E-mail to your friends and family.  People like this deserve to be heard.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Devondia Roseborough: Touch Me Not


I was riding on Peachtree in the Northwest area of Charlotte NC and came across an interesting name for a street a few years ago, Touch Me Not Lane. This sent a wave of activities and ideas through my mind. I don’t frequent the street that often but I came across it again and was compelled to write my thoughts, my immediate thoughts on what it really means to me to say…”Touch Me Not”…
I have prayed many nights for God to help me with gaining control over my flesh. I was one of those girls who had to have it, Sex was fun. I had no emotion…sometimes and usually no feeling. It was just meaningless sex between me and someone I had no feeling what so ever and who felt the same about me. After prayer the work starts. Fighting temptation is a daily works. It doesn’t stop when you get off your knees after saying lead me not into temptation. It’s a daily made up mind to surrender to temptations of the world. The mind is an easy place to deposit a thought. A weird invitation to sin can put a scene so vivid that it looks good and you can feel the outcome. How can I control these thoughts before the movie is created and the action takes place? The name of Jesus is what got me through. I picked up an awesome book out of Wal-Mart by Joyce Myers; Battlefield of the Mind, this read is worth rereading and a gift for a friend who has not quite got it yet. But it still required me to put in work. We can allow the tempting sin to manifest its acts by simply falling in which we have not been delivered. 
There is something in us that is going to be a problem to deal with. First, we are afraid to talk about it. So there is no outlet for transparency. We don’t want anyone to know about the issue. Fear of people judging who you may or may not be, then there is those that do not care to face it because it’s too much to bear so why even confront the issue. Like I heard a woman respond, “I just deal with it when the time comes.” I love it when someone has been through what I was going through and was bold enough to share their testimony to assist me in my stuff. I had a friend that was dealing with the flesh at a point in her life and she told me about anointing myself. Yes, you do know that you can anoint yourself, encourage yourself, pray for yourself don’t you? In Exodus 30:25-29 and Exodus 40:9, Moses is commanded by God to anoint the tabernacle and it's furnishing "that they may be most holy." We are the tabernacle, the holy temple of God. Anoint and pray, asking God to make us "holy" She told me to get some oil and pray over it in the name of Jesus. 
Now this oil went everywhere with me. I went on the mailbox to the dog that lived behind my fence, but then it was my turn. I woke up one morning with no clothes on. I usually didn’t sleep completely naked, my grandma used to say “You never know when you have to run out of the house” But this night was different. I woke up about 5:00 am in the morning with tears in my eyes because I was tired, tired of misusing my body, tired of misusing my mind and killing my esteem over the need to be loved. I began to cry out to God asking Him to help me in the name of Jesus to control this need and to make me whole again. I needed so bad to be in a state of never have…You will get that in a minute. As I got up and walked to the kitchen and remembered the oil that I had blessed and went through the house with and touched the kids and prayed over them while they were sleep but not me. I opened the new bottle of oil and began to pray over it. As I opened it I didn’t realize there was a top under the top that required me to pull off.  I rubbed the top of the slippery surface and realized that it was the plastic that had me fooled. The enemy didn’t want me to follow through with what was commanded of me, I told you this is work. I stood in the dark and rummaged trying to figure out what was going wrong with the top and soon turned on the light. Let there be light. When you have been in the dark as long as I have I had learned a long time ago how to dial 911 under the covers. You still don’t get it…Stay with me now.
 I turned on the light and pulled the tab off and began to pray as if I was in a war, a war that was fighting toe to toe head on in the flesh against the spirit. I drenched my hands with the oil and began to pray as I lay my hands on my stomach and asked the Lord to numb me from the belly button down. This is what was told to me and I did this in the name of Jesus. I touched my head and asked God to renew my mind and for my thoughts to be like His. I touched my eyes and asked God to protect what I see. I placed my oily hands on my ears and asked God to keep the unnecessary out of my ears. I do not talk on the phone much. I touched my lips and asked the Lord to allow my words to be like honey, slow to speak and sweet to taste. I touched my heart and asked God to give me a clean one. I rubbed my hands and my feet and asked God to keep me out of harm’s way and keep His hedge of protection around me and mine. I raised my hands up to the heavens and declared victory. Oh did the floodgates of hell start ringing my phone, unwanted knocks became unexpected visitors. 
This is when the work came in. Taking control of the mind that would quickly revert to the moment they occupied in my life. In the name of Jesus! Was that hard? No. But before I could call on His name I was yelling someone else’s that could not help me out of tempting situations, but God. Consecrating is praying and anointing people, my job, and my home setting them apart for God’s purpose. Impartation is anointing and praying asking God to come into my heart and the hearts of other. Emancipation is anointing and praying. And calling upon the Lord to set me and others FREE. And Preparation is anointing and praying so that God’s purpose for my life and others will be fulfilled. As you apply the oil in the name of Jesus, then believe with all faith He will meet that need for you or someone else, then you have given full control over to Him and you can freely rejoice as you pray that it is already done. Celebrating Celibacy! 
DeVondia R. Roseborough is a motivational speaker and author who use her life experiences to empower others. DeVondia is available for speaking and book signings. Contact her Email: Rasberrirose@aol.com or follow her on Twitter and Facebook. www.Twitter.com/devondia www.facebook.com/devondiar.roseborough 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mark Your Calendar: You're Invited

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Devondia Roseborough: Luke Warm - Caught in the Middle

Galatians 5:25 “If we live by the spirit let us also walk by the spirit”
I can recall going to church and getting my warm fuzzy but thinking on which was not pleasing to His sight at home waiting on me. Whether a tall, dark and handsome or a cigarette in the pack. I knew I had a desire that needed my attention that took my mind off Him. I remember having a lust demon so heavy that I could concoct an experience so vivid it would manifest into reality. Thank God for grace. I ponder back on the times when I hung out with friends who I was unevenly yoked. Still doing some of the things I no longer do, but I knew I had to separate myself from them. I never stopped loving them or thought I was better because I had matured in my walk. But I knew, especially after reading the scripture text in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”  
Becoming a mature Christian requires us to be steadfast and accountable for our actions. And this allows Him to be the head and not us. It requires us to let some things go and even leave some people behind. I have been delivered from things that had me bound for many years and I thank God for revealing my wrongs and righting my situations. We can’t continue to be caught in the middle of the adversary, tugging with an unequally yoked mate, friends or within ourselves. What is common is usually comfortable. And comfortable makes us feel good, with change comes discomfort and the needed time to get acquainted with something we are not sure if we are going to like or know if we will do well at puts us in a position to work at getting it right. If you look at it closely, we made mistakes when we messed up. READ that AGAIN<<<<We made mistakes when we messed up. So why not try to get it right with Christ and live accordingly without picking and choosing what is okay for the day to satisfy the fleshly desires. 
At least when you are walking in the spirit you will be quick to repent and know that whatever you did, said or thought of was forgiven, when you are in the world that’s the last thing on your mind, Father forgive me I have sinned. We have to choose to be the head and not the tail. There is nothing in the middle but a crowd. So as you detach yourself from the cell that attracts toxic people, places and things remember it’s crowded in the middle and the days are shorter and the decision is now on what temperature you will be. I guess it’s fair to say. I want to be on fire for the Lord. Even temperature is for the ones who still require milk; heat burns parasites and bacteria when meat it’s cooked thoroughly. Burn my edges. It’s time out going in the building one way and coming out the same and starting the week out with nothing in you and having nothing to deposit into no one. Caught in the middle…choose your thermometer setting now.
DeVondia R. Roseborough is a motivational speaker and author living in Charlotte NC. She is available for speaking, workshops, and book signings. Contact her at 704-906-5544, Email: Rasberrirose@aol.com. Follow her on www.twitter.com/devondia and Facebook www.facebook.com/devondiarroseborough